Zeolit ​​Endustri started its operations in 2011 and is the only authorized distributor of the world's leading manufacturers of Industrial adhesives, Sealants, Assembly Pastes, Special Greases and Industrial Cleaners. During this period, it continues its mission of creating value by offering the highest quality products in the industry to its customers. The product range has been carefully selected to meet industrial needs and aims to maximize customer satisfaction.


Zeolit ​​Endustri's mission is to provide engineering-based technical support and offer cost advantages to customers, beyond offering superior performance products in the industry. In this regard, making continuous efforts to understand and meet the special needs of customers is among the basic principles of Zeolit ​​Endustri. Additionally, it aims to take into account its environmental and social responsibilities by offering sustainable solutions.

Zeolit ​​Endustri is a reliable and preferred business partner in the sector by always keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level.


Zeolit ​​Endustri's vision is to become a leading supplier of chemical products in Turkey and surrounding countries and to stand out as a reference company in the sector. This vision includes the goal of providing customers with not only products but also the most reliable business partner in the industry, supported by continuous development and innovation.