T70 High Stregth Thread Locker

Saftlok T70 is a strong adhesive and filling material developed for fixing bolts and similar applications. It has been developed for situations where strong fixation and special viscosities are required.

This product provides high power and provides the performance required for many applications.
Choosing the most appropriate material thickness leads to the most reliable fixing power.

  • It’s red.
  • Viscosity: 520 cps @ 12 rpm
  • S46163 Military approved and ASTM D5363 provides specifications of AN0321.
  • It can be used at wide operating temperature range. (-54 ° C to 177 ° C)
  • Can be used with threaded bolts of 6 to 20 mm.
  • It has very high chemical resistance.

• Increases reliability by providing higher tensile strength compared to mechanical bolt fasteners.
• Provides exact torque for the desired net draft level.
• It saves mechanical fixing methods and additional costs.

There are many different application methods for special needs. (It is a one-component material) It is easy to clean and less fragrant.