T22 Thread Locker

Saftok T22; It is used for bolt fixing and similar applications requiring re-adjustment, and is used for low strength fastening and sealing. This product allows mounting with the required torque even though the mounting elements are pre-lubricated. It can be applied in situations where high strength is not required. Selection of this product is highly reliable in low-strength fixings as well as fluid-tightness.

Under vibration, the locking screw and flake increase the reliability by applying a greater locking force. Allows tightening with the appropriate torque for the required fixing grade. It also provides significant savings compared to mechanical fastening methods.

There is no need to mix it with an adhesive material. It has a wide range of application methods to meet special needs. It is easy to clean and the odor is very small.

Saftok T22 is a thixotropic liquid. The thickness or viscosity of all thixotropic products depends on the applied slip or the speed of the measuring instrument. Low viscosities occur at low viscosities. This feature simplifies practice and reduces fatigue.

The connection and pipe components in which the Saftlok T22 is installed and allowed to run are immersed in different fluids at elevated temperatures. In general, a reduction in strength has occurred.
After 30 days at 87 ° C the following percentages of strength were reached.

100% at 87 ° C air reference
Engine Oil 88
Water 41
Glycol / water 43
Carrying Liquid 108
Gasoline 67