Regular Anti Seize

Regular Hi-Temp Anti-Seize provides lubricant and anti-seize protection under high temperature and pressure conditions and prevents compression and corrosion in metal parts.

It can be used as graphite lubricant and rust inhibitor on the surface of the material with simple, non-decomposable structure. The soap is a thickened grease with lithium. This high performance grease lubricates at high pressures, preventing jamming and seizing. At the same time it prevents galvanic deposition and abrasion which may occur by electrolysis of acid or salt water in the material.

Regular Anti-Seize has high thermal stability. It does not harden. It does not evaporate at high temperature. Thanks to its high heat resistance it prevents carbon fusion and seizing even at temperatures close to 1100 ° C. It does not contain lead, molybdenum disulfide or halogen components.


Color : Silver grey
Temperature Range : -54 ° C to 1100 ° C
NLGI Grade : one
Superficial Shooting : 1.2
Penetration : 270 ± 20
Drop Point : 193 ° C
Flash Point : 260 ° C
Particle Size : Max. (25 μ)
Friction Coefficient : 0:08

Plastic parts can also be used as lubricants, preservatives and void fillers as they are in metals. The application surface must be cleaned from low-quality oil grease and particles to ensure maximum performance. The reduction in friction results in a torque increase of about 20%.

Exchangers, Bearings, Bolts, Gears, Valves, Hinges, Miller.

NOTE: This product is not recommended for pure oxygen systems.