Food & Drug Anti Seize

Safteze Food/Drug Grade Anti-Seize; odorless, tasteless, non-staining, corrosion-resistant and usable up to 260 ° C and suitable for USDA specs. Prevents deformation and uncoiling on surfaces with threaded connections and metal. It performs very well especially in stainless steel.

Safteze Food/Drug Grade Anti-Seize; It is a product made of high quality grease which is soft and non-decomposing, and corrosion inhibiting additives together with very fine solid lubricants (PTFE) applied to this grease. This feature prevents cold boiling, dental feeding, and at the same time, it does not wash away with water. It also prevents galvanic corrosion. It has very good thermal stability and does not harden.


Color : White
Temperature Range : -54 ° C to 260 ° C
NLGI Value : one
Density : 1.0 gr / cc
Penetration : 240 ± 20
Drop Point : 150 ° C
Flash Point : 200 ° C
Particle Size : Max. (25 μ)

Safteze Food/Drug Grade Anti-Seize lubricant can be used on metal or plastic surfaces. They are used in threaded connections, in beds, in open gears, in valve spindles, in chains and gears, in hinges, in studs, in cylinders, or as separators in gasket surfaces.