Dry Lubricant Spray

Safteze Dry-Moly is an air-drying, oil-free, dry lubricant layer. The combination of MoS2 powder and high temperature binder Dry-Moly is ideal for applications between -73 ° C and 343 ° C.

Safteze Dry-Moly can be used in general industrial maintenance where clean and dry lubricants are required. Dry-Moly lubricates metal parts and protects them from corrosion by abrasion. Safteze Dry-Moly does not flow because it forms a lubricant layer that is oil-free and free from oil and protects the metal against dust and dirt.

Safete Dry-Moly is resistant to water and water based solutions. Exceeding 190 ° C increases the resistance of solvents. Dry-Moly is recommended for high temperature applications in parts that are subject to continuous rubbing. It is an ideal lubricant for oil-based lubricants that can collect gruel and is recommended in dusty places. It is ideal for applications where there are permanently transported greased parts.


Color : Dark Grey
oder : solvents
Affiliate : Hydrocarbon
Density : 0.7 gr / cc
Temperature Range : Between -73 ° C and 343 ° C

General industrial maintenance, metal industry, textile industry, wood and paper industry. To lubricate and protect door hinges and gutters. Lubricate gear and toothless parts before assembly. It is used as a lubricant in shaft bearings and valves.

Shake the canister before use. Make sure that the surface to be applied is clean and dry. Tighten to the surface to be oiled remotely from 20-30cm. Allow 5-10 minutes for drying before using the parts.