Belt Spray

Belt Dress is formulated in line with the demands of the industry for more effective operation of belt and pulley mechanisms, and extended life span. Belt-Dress synthetic polymer re-energizes the worn out old belt by removing the stiffness on the belt. At the same time it gives water resistance. Belt non-slip spray;preventing the belt from moving and at the same time increasing the friction between the belt and the pulley, preventing belt tensioning.


Flash Point : -40 ° C
Density : 0.9 gr / cc

• Increases the ability of the belt to pull.
• Reduce belt tension.
• Provides quiet operation of the belt.
• Prevents power loss.
• Provides water resistance.
• The belt extends its life.
• Extends the bearing life of the machine.

Stop the belt and make sure it is at room temperature. Apply to the inner surface of the belt and the pulley surface. Apply in small quantities. Repeat the application periodically.

All sizes are flat, round and V straps.