Use Safteze Anti-Seize for Ultimate Protection and be assured you can take things apart Safely – with Ease.

Safteze Anti-Seize is compounded from fine metallic particles and graphite in a heat resistant lubricant. This combination results in extreme pressure lubricating properties that prevent galling and cold welding, and at the same time resist water wash out or galvanic pitting and corrosion from road salt, acid rain or salt water.

Safteze Anti-Seize compounds do not cake or coke. Particles present will not evaporate at extreme temperatures and their heat resistant properties prevent carbon fusion and seizure to temperatures of 2600ºF (1425ºC). Safteze Anti-Seize compounds provide maximum bolt tension from minimum wrench torque. In fact, at least 20 percent less torque is required to get the prescribed tension than with dry parts.

Safteze Regular Anti-Seize

Safteze Copper Anti-Seize

Safteze Nickel Anti-Seize

Safteze Food& Drug Anti-Seize

SAF-T-EZE Anti-Seize Applied