Paint and Gasket Remover Spray

Safteze Gasket Off dissolves sticky gaskets, seal residues, carbon particles, dried grease, greases and paints within 10 minutes. The foam is a white creamy look. It can be applied to vertical surfaces. It can be used for metals. It should not be applied to fiberglass, plastic, linoleum and synthetic fabrics. It should be kept away from painted surfaces.


Flash Point : -40 ° C
Density : 1.2 gr / cc

• Does not damage the equipment. It saves money by reducing material and labor costs.
• Quickly and easily removes gasket and seal residues adhering to high temperature metals.
• Cleans oil based paints, latex, enamel, varnish, lacquer, resin and other synthetic residues.
• Cleans tar and asphalt residues, cement residues.
• It cleans the valve cylinders, carbon residues and other carbonized metal engine parts.

Keep the tube upright 25-30cm away from the surface. Wait 5-10 minutes and then clean the surface with a spatula or cloth. Increasing the amount of care used will allow for better results.