Silicone Lube (Silicone Spray)

Silicone-Lube Food/Drug Grade is made of high quality silica to serve as a good lubricant in the commonly used hydrocarbon and oil evaporated areas. It penetrates the surface of silicon, plastics, rubber and metals to form a lubricant layer and provides uniform lubricity up to 260 ° C due to the protection of the same viscosity at low and high temperatures. This product is colorless, without sediment, tasteless and does not stain. It provides excellent lubrication for metallic and non-metallic surfaces. Safteze Silicone-Lube Food/Drug Grade is approved by the US Department of Agriculture.


Temperature Range : Between -51 ° C and 260 ° C
Flash Point : 316 ° C
Density : 0.7 gr / cc
solvents : hexane

• Reduce friction and lubricate conveyors.
• It does not leave stains and is free from deposits.
• Can be used as a separator.
• Can work in wide temperature range
• Used in metal, plastic and rubber.

• Conveyor ducts
• High temperature bearings
• Electrical and electronic equipment
• Rails
• Ovens
• Cutting Equipments
• Places in contact with the product
• In the beds
• In molds